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Allergies And Brain Fog

Brain fog is a common condition and it affects millions of people. It’s characterized by a confused state of mind, a lack of clarity and fatigue. It’s a well-established fact that there are current studies showing a connection between allergies and brain fog. Allergies of various kinds, ranging from foods to environmental allergens, such as pollen, ragweed, etc., cause the body to release an excessive amount of a particular neurotransmitter called histamine. Excess histamine makes it difficult for the brain to process information. Excess histamine can also cause one to experience anxiety and depression and low self-esteem. For more information on how we clear out allergies/sensitivities (food, environmental allergies, pets, etc.) in 25 hours, give our office a call (954) 565-4440.


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Natural Chemicals That Could Improve Your Child’s Grades

The body produces a group of chemicals called neurotransmitters.  These are messengers that connect one cell to another.  If they are not present at optimum levels, it can result in learning disorders, depression, anxiety, etc.  The primary causes of neurotransmitter imbalance are chronic stress, poor diet, neurotoxin exposure, prescription drugs, improper supplementation and genetics.

At Advanced Wellness Center, we have a questionnaire that determines how balanced your neurotransmitters are.  Most important of all, our technology helps us determine the root cause of the imbalance and the proper course of action to take to correct the problem.  If you would like a healthier state of mind for you and your children, please contact our office (954) 565-4440.

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