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The Importance Of Running The Right Lab Tests

The Importance Of Running The Right Lab Tests

The last two years have been extremely frustrating for one of our new clients as she watched her normal self ebb away.   Her previous doctors diagnosed her with a thyroid problem and put her on various medications, but she was getting worse.   She was losing hope of ever finding a resolution and felt no one understood the depth of what she was experiencing.       

Unfortunately, none of her previous doctors ran the right blood tests.  She had been to several endocrinologists, including the head of endocrinology at a couple of highly-esteemed medical facilities.  They omitted some very important tests to determine if she had an autoimmune disease.  We ran those tests and they showed positive, meaning her immune system was attacking her thyroid.  They were just giving her thyroid medications without calming down her immune system.  This means that her immune system was slowly “eating away” at her thyroid.  We placed her on a special diet and nutritional supplements that calmed down her immune system as well as supported her thyroid.  We also gave her specific exercises to enhance the energy flow through the thyroid. 

After 5 weeks of care, almost all of her symptoms are completely eliminated.  Her symptoms included extreme exhaustion, heart palpitations at night, severe anxiety, migraines, loss of self-esteem .   Today she came in truly excited about the fact that she has finally regained her energy so she can do the things she loves to do, especially hours of gardening.  This is the first time in several years that she has been able to exert that amount of energy.  She is excited about getting her life back and we are thrilled to be of service to her.


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