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Getting To The Root Of The Problem

One of the dilemmas in the medical field today is that there are too many specialists and not enough general practitioners; too many chiefs and not enough Indians.  Lots of doctors just focus on their specialty and don’t see a whole person.  For example, when a cardiologist reviews the patient’s blood tests, he or she will tend to focus on specific tests relating to cardiovascular disease, such as cholesterol and C-reactive protein.  An endocrinologist will pay more attention to thyroid tests, such as TSH, and blood sugar levels.  Unfortunately, oftentimes, neither specialist tends to see how the pieces of the puzzle fit together.  If a patient has an underactive thyroid, it can cause their cholesterol to elevate.  Instead of merely prescribing statin drugs like Lipitor or Zocor to lower the cholesterol, doesn’t it make more sense to fix, the thyroid, i.e. the underlying cause, rather than just reducing the cholesterol level?  If you don’t fix the root cause of the problem, you never get well.

At the Advanced Wellness Center, we’re not like the blind men touching the elephant and describing the whole animal based on the individual parts that each man touched.  We specialize in detecting and correcting the root causes of health issues.  Our U.S. patented procedure, Digital Response Technique (D.R.T.), enables us to evaluate the energy flow through all parts of the body. When we combine D.R.T. with proper assessment of blood tests, we can see the client from an overall or global perspective as well as from a close up or organ-specific perspective.


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