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Antibiotics – Depends On What’s Bugging You

Antibiotics are powerful medications that are used to fight bacterial infections.  Unfortunately, most doctors are prescribing antibiotics for colds and flu, which are caused by viruses.  In the long run, they are making their conditions worse because antibiotics are killing the good bacteria located in the bowel which are so important for strengthening the immune system.   In fact, 70% of the immune system is located in and around the bowel.   The good bacteria are necessary for the production of vitamin K and they are important for fighting yeast and parasites.

There are many natural health care products available that are very effective for fighting infection.  However, if you have a severe infection that’s resistant to natural remedies, then you should consider an antibiotic, but only if it’s a bacterial infection.


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Have you heard of Obesogens?

Have you heard of Obesogens?

Coined in 2009 by researchers, these are chemical contaminants that mess with our hormonal systems and stimulate fat accumulation in the body.    The American Medical Association says it plays a major role in America’s obesity, heart disease and diabetes.  Obesogens work to lower metabolism and the ability to burn fat.  The 3 main sources of obesogens are pesticides, hormone-fed beef & poultry, and the plastic lining found in metal cans.

The average American is exposed to 10-15 pesticides per day, 90% of which are linked to obesity. The average cow is injected with 5-6 hormones to fatten them up. The plastic which lines metal cans, has BPA which the FDA has warned is very toxic.

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